We are your patent drawing support team. Our Team has over 10 years of experience, having completed thousands of utility and design drawings for various clients across the globe. Our three main goals are to provide you with fast, friendly and professional service. We realize every project has a timeline and we do our best to exceed our clients’ expectations and turnaround the drawings well within the proposed timelines. Our services are professional grade and our clients trust us to be extremely knowledgeable in drafting patent drawings and know they are receiving quality and professionalism in every sheet produced by us. We have a wide variety of working models, including – fixed cost, hourly and Full Time Equivalent basis. Our rates are highly competitive, turnaround times are very quick, and robust delivery methods that meet every client’s request. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Why us –

  • Experience in drafting drawings that are accepted across the globe – so you do not have to spend your time and money in getting drawings drafted again and again
  • We don’t just trace figures, we analyze and correct all inaccuracies before the patent is filed saving precious time and money at later point
  • We have access to the best tools such as SolidWorks, MS Visio etc. to name a few
  • Highly experienced team – having draftsmen who have been drafting drawings for over a decade
  • High accuracy and Consistent views across drawing sheet – minimize the objections from examiner at a later point
  • Fast turnaround – we know that patent is filed on ASAP basis, we are always ready to accommodate the timelines of our clients, sometimes delivering drafted drawings overnight
  • We accept a variety of formats – SolidWorks, MS Visio, AutoCAD, PDF, images, pictures and even hand sketches and turn them into high quality patent drawings