Trademarks serve to protect a brand of a company thus making them one of the most important type of intellectual property to protect. A trademark can take various forms, such as a word mark, a logo, a logo along with a punch line etc. Although trademark offices across the globe accept colorful logos designed by designers, filing a trademark as line drawings can provide a more comprehensive protection. Trademark drawings are relatively simple single page drawings only including one view of the trademark to be protected.

Our Key differentiators –

  • Experience in drafting drawings that are accepted across the globe – so you do not have to spend your time and money in getting drawings drafted again and again
  • We have access to the best tools such as SolidWorks, MS Visio etc. to name a few
  • Highly experienced team – having draftsmen who have been drafting drawings for over a decade
  • Fast turnaround – we know that patent is filed on ASAP basis, we are always ready to accommodate the timelines of our clients, sometimes delivering drafted drawings overnight
  • We accept a variety of formats – SolidWorks, MS Visio, AutoCAD, PDF, images, pictures and even hand sketches and turn them into high quality patent drawings