Design patent drawings serve to protect the aesthetic appearance of a product and define the scope of the invention through their visual appearance. In order to protect a design, it becomes necessary to prepare all possible views – perspective view, front view, back view, left side view, right side view, top view, bottom view. Preparing drawings that are consistent across all views, and which accurately show the various shapes and contours of the product become very essential. Shading is perhaps the most complex part of drafting design drawings which requires artistic talent, attention to detail and drafting aptitude. The draftsman needs to accurately understand the shape of various surfaces, the portions that need to be shown in dark versus light, curvature, opacity etc. – all this is to be represented only using black lines and black dots of varying sizes, thickness and shades of grey.

Many times, only some of the features in a design are claimed and others are disclaimed. As per the patent office guidelines, the disclaimed portion of the product has to be shown by dash/dotted lines and also the disclaimed portion should not have any shading or contour lines – otherwise, a rejection from Examiner will follow. Many patent offices also accept pictures of the design to be claimed, but it is preferred that line drawings are submitted.

We have draftsmen having more than a decade of experience in drafting design drawings. Our draftsmen don’t just trace the views to prepare the drawings, they think about the design and come up with best possible ways to draft the drawings that accurately depict various aspect of the design. We work with minimal input from client, you can just provide your inputs (in any format including hand sketches, pictures, images, photographs, CAD files, SolidWorks files, renderings, verbal or written instruction, videos, printed media, blueprints etc.) and we will do the rest.

  • Experience in drafting drawings that are accepted across the globe – so you do not have to spend your time and money in getting drawings drafted again and again
  • We don’t just trace figures, we analyze and correct all inaccuracies before the patent is filed saving precious time and money at later point
  • We have access to the best tools such as SolidWorks, MS Visio etc. to name a few
  • Highly experienced team – we have draftsmen who have been drafting drawings for over a decade
  • High accuracy and Consistent views across drawing sheet – minimize the objections from examiner at a later point
  • Fast turnaround – we know that patent is filed on ASAP basis – gramatically incorrect (change into something like-we know there is great deal of urgency behind patent filing) delivering drafted drawings overnight
  • We accept a variety of formats – SolidWorks, MS Visio, AutoCAD, PDF, images, pictures and even hand sketches and turn them into high quality patent drawings